Torani Syrup Flavors

Torani syrup flavors for Coffee is a great way to rich in taste coffee, that why people love to buy this kind of flavors people

who is coffee lover always want delicious coffee, often try making coffee more delicious? To make this a reality often use coffee syrups and flavors so that they can enhance the coffee taste. syrups are available in different brand but the Torani syrup for coffee brands are different when talking about coffee syrups.


This company is based in San Francisco mostly produces syrups, blended drinks, sauces. Torani has some products related to coffee drinks like espresso beverages.

This company was found in 1925 by the Torani family still it producing the best coffee syrups and flavors

5 Best Coffee Syrups for Making Great Coffee

An increase in the usage of coffee machines, it’s not hard to make a coffee in the same way usage of flavors and syrups are also increased to enhance the taste of coffee. while the increasing of coffee drinks

The coffee syrups are also increased simultaneously according to their coffee requirements in different flavors to satisfy the different tastes of customers. coffee drinks often drink often several times in a day, they love to drink in different flavors.

There are so many popular brands available in the market in different types of flavors like Monin gourmet flavoring and Davinci Gourmet, Torani is also one of the competitors in the coffee syrups.

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Torani producing a variety of syrups to enhance the deliciousness of coffee in different flavors like hazelnut syrup.

How Long Torani Syrups May Last 

  • Torani syrups may last for 1 month from the date of manufacture
  • Torani syrups can be refrigerated at 35°F and 85°F
  • even after opening the bottle you can use it for a long time 

Types of Syrups

Torani has produced some coffee syrups, for coffee in various flavors, these flavors are available in biggest marketplaces and online stores like Amazon, Walmart, and others.

Torani syrups are available in two variations 

  •    Torani Syrups Sugar free 
  •   Torani Syrups sugar
Torani Variety Pack Caramel, French Vanilla, Vanilla & Hazelnut, 25.4 Ounces (Pack of 4)

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List of Best Syrups

Below are the best coffee syrups in Torani you can try at home.

Torani Caramel Syrup

Torani Caramel Syrup
torani Caramel Syrup
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Torani is producing caramel syrup for coffee drinkers, these caramel syrups are rich taste in creamy and butter with fruit flavor finish. making this for coffee lovers with zero calories sweet in taste this syrups are ideal for those who want low carbohydrate  in coffee

Torani Caramel Sugar Free syrup

This syrup is sugar-free from Torani, every bottle contains pour spout for measuring the usage of every spout

  • The color of syrup is dark with sugar free and fruity taste
  • rich in flavor with butter
  • there is no lack of taste when compared to the cafes and restaurant sweetened
  • low in calories
  • you can brew various flavors of coffee like latte and more 
  • classic caramel syrup, 25.4 fl oz with an easy to pour spout facility. you can measure it easily

Torani Hazelnut Syrup

torani Hazelnut Syrup
Torani Hazelnut Syrup
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hazelnut syrup is widely used flavor for coffee, you can prepare cappuccino and lattes and many more fro this flavor Torani. This contains nearly 800 cal in syrup with 25 servings with a size of 2 tbs. This is not for who are low at Glycemic

Torani Sugar Free Hazelnut Syrup 

  • It tastes the nutty flavor and yummy taste in your breakfast
  • In sugar free there are no calories so you using for low Glycemic
  • You can use in coffees mocha, latte, protein shakes and many more
  • sweating with zero-calorie sweetener

Torani Vanilla Syrup 

torani vanilla syrup
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Vanilla syrup is common in every coffee house and at home, Unlike vanilla extract this tastes like pure vanilla, you won’t taste anything like stevia. You will get 4 huge bottles at a low price, these bottles are available at a somewhat higher price in grocery stores and each bottle is equal to 1coffee pod box.

  • This syrup is consistent in every taste, you will get a delicious cup of coffee every time you brew
  • This syrup is original and has a premium vanilla taste
  • You can create tantalizing cod brews and hot coffees
  • You can create vibrant colors  and gold flavors.

Torani Sugar Free French Vanilla Syrup

Torani Sugar Free French Vanilla Flavoring Syrup, 12.2 oz
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Torani french vanilla syrup gives creamy taste without adding any sugar, This syrup can also be used for mil, tea, coffee and more.

The taste of French vanilla gives you great taste no need to compromise in taste. you can use it as simple dish ice cream and custard


Torani cinnamon flavors are most suitable for the cold season, every syrup is made with more care to achieve gold standard. This syrup is made with natural flavors and cane sugar with filtered water. This Torani syrup tastes similar to Starbucks by being cheaper in price with equal standard.

  • You can add rich taste to your drink
  • No limitations, you can add it to hot or cold coffee
  • Natural flavored syrup
  • You will get a spicy cinnamon aroma 

Torani Sugar free syrup

  • This is a natural flavor syrup made with Splenda
  • This is a classic syrup, you can add it to all types of drinks
  • The flavor is strong which means it’s not over power
  • Rich taste and sugar free

Torani Syrups Comparision 

Sweetened with Pure Cane Sugar Sucralose Pure Cane Sugar Pure Cane Sugar Sucralose
Natural Flavors yes yes yes yes yes
Shatter Resistant Plastic Bottle yes yes yes yes yes
No High Fructose Corn Syrup yes yes yes yes yes
Zero Calories yes yes
Applications Brewed coffee, lattes, mochas, Sodas, Lemonades, Iced Tea, Cocktails Brewed coffee, lattes, mochas, Sodas, Lemonades, Iced Tea, Cocktails Sodas, Lemonades, Iced Tea, Cocktails Brewed coffee, lattes, mochas Brewed coffee, lattes, mochas

Easy to Use yes yes yes yes yes

Where to Buy

Before you’ve even finished reading this article, you’re already wondering how you can get your hands on the Torani Coffee Syrups. You’ve seen them on TV and wanted to try them out for yourself but you’ve never been able to find them in any stores near you.

The question is: Is it really possible to buy Torani Coffee Syrups online? And if so, how do you know which website is trustworthy enough to buy from?

The good news is that it IS possible to buy Torani Coffee Syrups online, and there

Torani Syrup Ingredients

  •  Sugar Extracted from sugar cane
  • Sodium Benzoate this to preserve the freshness
  • Citric Acid
  • Flavors created Naturally 
  • Potassium Sorbate this to preserve the freshness

Torani syrups are pure Organic made from fresh fruit and natural flavors, so this is not bad for health.


  • serving size is 2Tbs
  • calories:80g
  • carbohydrates:19g
  • sugar:19g

Monin vs Torani

Both Monin and Torani are made from natural ingredients syrups and are made with the same content “sucrose”. The word syrup is exactly suitable for Torani while in Monin it’s a bit like juice rather than syrup.

The preservation of Monin syrup lasts for 6 to 8 months, whereas Torani lasts for 2 years.

If compare to Monin products they never lag in quality, but the price is more expensive than to Torani.


In the end, whether you make your own torani syrup or buy it from a store, your coffee drinking experience can only be what you make it. The list above will give you a place to start in order to get the most out of your coffee experience.

while still being able to enjoy it every day. So, if you haven’t tried toran coffee surups yet, we highly recommend giving it a shot!

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