How to Make Pour Over Coffee

Pour Over Coffee How to Make At Home
Pour Over Coffee How to Make At Home

Pour over coffee is the most basic coffee, people think that making pour over coffee is complicated, but it’s not as hard as everyone thinks. You can brew a great cup of coffee with minimal effort. If you are a regular at coffee, try two different brews each morning in the same cup.

Coffee can be brewed with a variety of coffee makers even though they are used by coffee makers. Pouring over coffee is easier than making a coffee in your home coffee machine. Pour over coffee can be made with a variety of coffee makers such as Kamer and Kalita Wave. This reduces the workload, such as cleaning regular coffee makers, to yield a highly flavorful coffee.

You may need to make minor adjustments depending on what you are using, but this recipe is a good starting point for all. The first of these are paper filters

The most commonly used filter for pouring coffee is a paper filter, which helps to make the taste of the roast better. Alternative methods can be used if you like.

Pour Over Coffee vs Drip Coffee vs French Press

The pour-over coffee is better than some other coffees like french press coffee and drip coffee. 

pour over coffee, you have the chance to control the taste of coffee to achieve desired taste for example if you are a strong coffee drinker then you need to pour over coffee for a long time otherwise make it for short time.

In dripped coffee, everything is done by a dripped machine. There nothing to do with the hand or manually to achieve the desired taste, whereas in pour over coffee you everything you can do manually.

The main difference between pour over coffee vs french press is taste. The taste of pour over coffee is not strong as french press because coffee grounds don’t come into the coffee but whereas french press coffee, is completely different.

Where to Start Pour Over Coffee 

Where can we start the pour over coffee the main starting point is grounded beans, a coffee filter, pour over coffee.

Newly Grounded Coffee

 There are different ways of thinking when it comes to fresh ground coffee. For some, you can pick up beans in the store and grind them there. Others use their own grinder at home, they use it daily, they dream of grinding their coffee too early. If you grind at home regularly you can buy a good coffee grinder.

Pour Over Coffee Filter

What pour over coffee filters can do is they can improve the brewing they are easy to clean efficiency clan in 60 seconds. Remove the grounds from your stainless steel coffee dripper, rinse a high-quality mesh filter with warm water, and dry thoroughly after use. In pour over coffee, you need a simple coffee filter that can filter the coffee effectively. If possible you can use pour over coffee filters or a paper filter

Pour Over Brewer

while brewing in or over it is better to make pour over coffee brewer or pour over coffee maker to To maintain the quality standards of coffee.


 A thermometer is an important tool in this process. When making coffee, if you don’t use a thermometer, we run the risk of loss of accuracy. For this purpose, we use the thermometer.

Temperature: Now the what’s the temperature of the water we are not water boiling too high, The actual temperature of the water we need is 195-205 F.This heat is not too high. To measure this you can use a thermometer if required.

Steep Time: The right steep time to brew the coffee is to two to three minutes.

Pour Over Coffee Ratio

Your coffee brew ratio will be the basis for your recipe. According to experts Theory 60 grams of coffee per 1 liter of water, or about 1 g of coffee for every 16.7 g of water, to rewrite those numbers. Any brew ratio from 1:15 to 1:17 falls within the specific coffee criteria, but adjusting this ratio can have a profound effect on other variables in your brew, so I recommend finding something you like and sticking with it until you feel confident. Other variables you can control.

Step By Step

Making a pour over coffee is easy than making a coffee in regular coffee makers no machine in your way, no flashing green lights, no electric power cords.

You can follow the simple 4 step guide below


Use 15 grams of coffee per 8 ounces of water. That means 19 grams per 10-ounce cup and23 grams per 12-ounce cup. 

Without Scale:  you can easily measure your coffee with a measuring scoop. Use 1 1/4 scoop per 8 oz cup, 1 1/2 scoop per 10 oz cup or 2 scoops per 12 oz.

Pour Over Coffee Procedure

Step 1: Put a paper filter on the dripper and rinse with hot water to remove any paper flavor or particles. It will also preheat the paper. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times

Step 2:  Grind coffee at fine to grind level and add coffee into the filter. Slowly shake the dripper to move the coffee grounds.

Step 3: Boil the water to the desired temperature then remove from heat, after that start pouring. Pour hot water in dripper until coffee beans are wet

The correct time for this is 10 seconds. Give the coffee another 15 to 20 seconds before the second pour.

Step 4: Pour remaining water slowly while pouring control of the brewing time as need.

Thanks and Enjoy your coffee.