Keurig k50 vs k55

After doing a lot of research on the two coffee machines we are comparing the two machines Keurig k50 vs Keurig K55 Review and Comparison

keuriga k55 vs keurig K50

Keurig is a modern Brewing system alternate to old coffee brewing. The first single serve brewing system and k-cups pods were started in 1998. It is a brewing system for commercial usage as well as homes. This is the most used coffee brewers and best coffee makers available on the market.

single cup coffee maker Keurig is more convenient, sustainable and it makes coffee instantly in an easy way means no need of hard work and brain-teasing to operate this machine you can make coffee in less than a minute and avoid waiting time to coffee lovers, This makes the Keurig popular not only as homes brewing system, as a commercial brewing system also in coffee shops and offices.

Below You will find about the difference between Keurig k50 vs k55 coffee maker to choose the right version of coffee maker according to your requirement.

  • Design
  • Performance
  • Specifications


Design is an important aspect everybody looks at before purchasing anything. Honestly, the design is not great it comes but it looks good. It comes with colors you can choose the one that best suits you.

This is made up of plastic, so it is light in weight is about 13.75 pounds. Overall dimensions are 13.5 inches (H) x W) x 9.75 inches (D) of k-cup coffee makers. It works with 1500 watts of electrical power. These metrics belong to k50, k55 is slightly taller. The overall design of both models is good.


Before making any purchasing reading review is good to avoid the assumptions about a particular product is good work to do here we are giving the specifications and comparison of Keurig k55 with different Keurig coffee maker to avoid false decision making.

Keurig 50 Keurig 55
Brews different coffee drinks tea, cocoa, iced coffee Brews different coffee drinks tea, cocoa, iced coffee
Brews different cup sizes Brews different cup sizes
Automatic OFF Automatic OFF
Brews coffee instant under 60 sec Brews coffee instant under 60 sec
Button controls Button controls
water Reservoir water Reservoir
Efficient energy usage


performance is always the main issue while purchasing, The normal life span of brewers will last long for many years company give warranty after this warranty you will face some problem with the brewer but still, it works fine. Most of the problems come after the warranty you can solve your own except for some major problems.

These coffee machines brew in 1 minute at a temperature of 193 degrees Fahrenheit (89 degrees Celsius) for K-Cup pods. In old k50 has simply reusable filter, k55 has charcoal filter activated, you can replace this reusable filter and charcoal filter in both the machines if you wish.

Keurig K55 Review

Keurig K50 single serve coffee maker

We all know how popular Keurig is but Keurig has many popular models Keurig k55 is the best single serve coffee maker(k-cup), k55, and k50 are, best selling models in this version of these models have no major differences mostly, but k55 is most successor than k50. Keurig coffee maker brews a rich, smooth, and delicious cup every time with the quality you expect from Keurig. It brews a cup of coffee, tea, iced flavors in under one minute of time with the push of a button.

you can choose different colors like “Keurig k55 white” or  black

The product dimensions of this coffe maker are 9.8 x 13 x 13.3 inches with a weight of 10.98 pounds.

What’s Good in Keurig k55


It brews coffee in under one minute, speed is also important at the present time for busy people


The k55 model has a 48-ounce coffee reservoir, helps to avoid refilling and serves several cups of drink.


It has an auto push button and you can have different cup sizes as per your need, The buttons are good

Automatic ON/OFF

The coffee brewing feature is good it will automatically turn off with 90 sec of inactivity.

K50 vs k55: Apparently the K55 comes with some pods as a bonus and a filter!


Another important and interesting feature is, descaling this feature helps to remove calcium mineral inside the k55 machine.


Keurig k55 is more efficient and flexible than the previous versions, according to my opinion it will not disappoint your choice in purchasing this coffee maker.

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Keurig K50 Review

Keurig K55 single serve coffee maker

The Keurig k50 not much different compare to k55, it is a forerunner of its next version this is the best selling product for Keurig it is a single cup coffee maker that brews 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz Sizes in under 1 minute. if you are not making a pot full of coffee ten this is right for you can make one cup of coffee at a time we can say this is a perfect single serve coffee maker.

This is promised by the company, but it will take 30 sec more to brew and pour into the cup. The taste and performance are good to compare to other brands.

The product dimensions of this coffe maker are 9.8 x 13 x 13.3 inches with a weight of 7.6 pounds.

This coffee maker has a built-in water reservoir with a capacity of 48 oz.

What’s good in Keurig k50


It brews coffee in under 1 minute, which means it can brew a cup of coffee instant and easy.


It has an auto OFF feature which turns off after 90 sec.


When you buy it comes with a 1-year warranty.


You can brew different cup sizes Instantly.

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Quality and Variety

There is no doubt about the quality of the product, why because we all know about the company brand name and its product how well they take care of making the product and care about the consumer.

Variety about this is you can brew a wide range of coffees, all the different flavors and roasts are included into one single serve k-cup coffee system, It’s not only limited to hot coffee drinks, but you can brew tea, ice coffee, and more. You just drop some ice cubes it will heat the water and gives you a nice iced coffee drink.

Everyone is interesting to know about the taste of coffee how these Keurig k-cups, Taste is not bad either and both the Keurig’s tastes similar, both the machines are compatible with k-cups so the taste is not going to different and you can use your own coffee pods as well. some consumer has found that k55  coffee is a little bit stronger.


  • You can use a coffee maker without a filter
  • These models have a filter
  • Unfortunately, coffee makers are not compatible with Google Home.


  • It does not come with K-pods
  • You can not use milk instead of  water
  • It doesn’t make regular coffee it only makes k-cups

Warranty & Support

This coffee brewer has a 1-year warranty within the 1-year warranty if face any problem you can contact them by calling to their customer support lines. Keurig support is very good before sending your pod, please call them and inform them about the problem then you can forward.


Both the machines are good, There are no major drawbacks in these coffee makers.

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