Iced Coffee vs Cold Brew: What’s the Difference

Iced Coffee vs Cold Brew

Coffee is a daily routine in everybody’s life. Taking a cup of coffee in the morning or when we are in stress can give relief to the mind and body. We can choose different flavors and types of coffee according to our interests and taste.

Cold coffee at Starbucks is very popular. Millions of people are crazy about these drinks. Today we are looking through the key differences between the two most popular cold drinks they are iced coffee vs cold brew.

Iced coffee and cold brew coffee belong to the same family of cold drinks, even though they 

There is a subtle difference between these two drinks if we dig into the deep.

Even if we go to Starbucks both re available in their menu in cold coffee but the price, taste and other differences are always we can see in both the drinks

Iced Coffee vs Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew is the process of making coffee at room temperature.At first coffee beans are grounded then soaked in water which is at room temperature for a required time. This time is usually up to 13 hrs sometimes more. To make it smooth, less acidic and highly caffeinated coffee its better to soak the beans more than 16 hrs. Chameleon also uses his procedure to serve high quality coffee.

The word cold brew means slowly steeping the the beans in cold water without touching 

Whereas Starbucks soaks coffee beans in cold water for 20 hrs. This makes the coffee beans smooth flavor.

Iced coffee is made using hot water for flavor, resulting in a hot cup of coffee and then poured on ice.

5 Key Differences you should Know


Cold brew coffee is sweeter than iced coffee. The natural sweetener used in cold brew makes it sweet.The taste remains the same drinking after making some time or next day

Whereas as iced coffee it is bit acidic than the cold brew is more acidic and more sweetened than cold brew because of sweetening syrups used in this coffee.

Brewing Temperature:

Iced coffee is made with hot water around 200°. Whereas cold brew is made with cold water that is at room temperature.


Cold brew coffee is 60% less acidic because the time taken to soak the coffee beans at room temperature is more compare to the iced coffee this makes the cold brew coffee less acidic and bitter.


The caffeine content in both the drinks differ by far. While the iced coffee has low caffeine level with 165mg of caffeine content in this drink 

Whereas cold brew coffee the caffeine level is higher. This drink contains 205mg of caffeine per every 16 fl oz of serving size. This is much higher than the iced coffee drink in terms of caffeine level.


If we compare two starbucks drinks, the calories an are 5 g in iced coffee and these are much lower than the cold brew  

Where as iced coffee is 80 gm of calories available in every grand 16 fl oz.

Nutrition facts (Iced coffee vs Cold Brew)

Nutrition InfoIced Coffee Cold Brew
Total Fat0 gm0 g
Cholesterol0 mg0 mg
Sodium10 mg15 mg
Total Carbohydrates20 g0 g
Protein0 mg0 g
Caffeine165 mg205 mg

Bottom Line: Iced coffee is taste better than the cold brew coffee this is less stronger and too sour