How To Make Latte at Home

how to make latte at home

How to Make Latte at Home: People who often drink coffee are suggested to make a latte at home is better than buying from the coffee shop or from Starbucks this can save you money and time. When you are buying a latte at your local coffee shop you are spending anywhere between $2 to $4 for a single cup. Part of the fun of having an espresso machine is, with an espresso machine in your kitchen at home, you can make a latte for yourself.

What is latte

Latte is a type of coffee drink made up of espresso, it is also popular like other espresso drinks, latte also names as caffè latte in the Italian language means milk coffee though it belongs to the Italian language it is popular wold wide.

Latte has a different version like Iced latte is a classic drink that can be made at home.

What you need

To make a latte from home you need some ingredients and resources to make a good cafe latte.

  • Coffee beans: Before going to make a latte coffee you need to take the fresh and fine coffee beans to get a better taste of the coffee.
  • Espresso machine: An espresso machine is required to grind the coffee beans every time you brew the coffee you will get a fresh coffee powder
  • Cup for latte coffee: A glass latte cup is good for serving latte to your friends it looks nice. If you don’t have cups you can search online stores for good latte cups.
  • Frother: A frother is required to froth the milk. In a latte, frothing is a necessary step to complete the process.

Time and Duration

  • Time: 10min
  • Prep: 3 min
  • Cook: 8 min
  • Size: 1 cup/serving


  • 1 shop of espresso need in latte
  • Foamed milk 2 cups
  • If you like to add flavors you can add different flavors in your recipes like vanilla, hazelnut and other

Syrups and flavors of Latte

If you would like to add flavors in your coffee you can use different types of coffee syrups like Torani coffee syrups these are widely known syrups available in different flavors like vanilla and more.

How to Make a Latte 

Take all the ingredients to make a latte a home

Grinding Coffee Beans: Pour the Fresh coffee beans into the espresso maker for grinding to get an espresso shot.

 Pull A Double Shot Espresso: Most of the latte drink in coffee shos uses double shot espresso for a single shot it is about 7 grams to 8 grams depending on the espresso machine that you are using. Once you collected the espresso shot then you can start steaming the milk.

Froth  Milk: The basic quantity in his method is  1 oz of espresso for every 8 oz of milk. Put your milk into the frother mug, and slide the steam wand entire container. Make sure you keep the nozzle as close to the bottom of the container as possible to avoid flow foam out of the milk. This can make nice latte foam.

Use a thermometer to monitor the correct temperature of milk reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit

Pour into Cup: Pour the espresso and steamed milk into the cup then add syrup if you desired. You can add different types of flavors as you wish.

Top the Latte: Top the latte with foam if you want to use the spoon you can.

Latte art (optional):  Lattes are amazing after dinner when you have guests. If you are serving the guest you can add latte art if you wish.

Making Good Latte Tips

you need to follow 2 simple things to make a cafe latte.

Perfectly Grind Espresso Shot: Coffee beans to espresso shot should yield a 1:2 ratio if you grind 20g of coffee beans, you should get 40g of espresso shot after an extraction time of 25 sec.

Correct Milk Texturing: Milk texture should be silky smooth with tiny air bubbles and not “rough” with big air bubbles.

 Correct Temperature: Milk temperature should not exceed 160 degrees Fahrenheit.


Latte is a milk-based drink. This always tastes like steamed milk more than taste like a coffee because the percentage of milk pour into the coffee is more compared to other espresso beverages. 

Latte Serving Method

You can serve coffee in a glass cup is (recommended). The most impressive way to serve the lattes is cookies and biscuits.

 The serving method latte will vary from one country to the other. But, in many places, the latte is typically served in a cup and will also include a latte art by adding flavors like chocolate powder or vanilla.

Final Thought: You can make a latte at home without going to a coffee shop. At first, you are unable to make it perfectly you can try again to get it right.