How To Make French Press Coffee Perfectly

French Press Coffee is a superior cup of coffee most of the coffee lovers agree with this today, we are writing in detail about  How To Make French Coffee perfectly at home For french press coffee lovers. 

If you’re tired of the drinking tasteless coffee that comes from vending machines in your office, then the French press is perfect for you.

If you would like to have a nice cup of coffee you need to add oil to it. The main advantage of coffee oils is that it enhances the taste of the coffee.

Here the problem is during normal filtering it loses the taste. But in the french press, it doesn’t happen that’s why it did not pass through the filters this protects the coffee oils not to lose the flavor

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What is a French Press Coffee

french press coffee maker
french press coffee maker

Actually, what’s french press coffee means French press is also called a coffee press, press pot or coffee plunger. This is a device used to brew the coffee that looks like a cylinder with a plumber device inside the brewing system.

How to Make Coffee in a French Press

How to make coffee in french press, making a french press coffee is not that hard enough but making the best french press coffee is a must.

The first thing we do is, take some coffee grinds and hot water then pours them into the french press. The water should not overhead mean water temperature should not exceed the 200 degrees because this is the perfect temperature for boiling the coffee grinds otherwise the grinds will blister. If you are using a kettle to boil the water remove after the whistle or put it o sim flame before pouring the water into your coffee press.

Don’t forget to leave the space of one inch before filling the french press.

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How To Make The Best French Press Coffee

To to make the best french press coffee, Don’t use the finely ground beans to brew the french press because it will block the filters even though it is finely grounded. The best way to get the best french press coffee is by grinding the beans yourself. Automatic drip coffee grinds also work for this but manual grinding is the best method to enjoy the best coffee.  

To get the good coffee taste you need to grind the coffee beans a bit bigger than automatic drip coffee grinds.and remembers once you grind the coffee beans keep in a  tight container to keep them fresh or use them immediately.

Pressing the Coffee Grind with French Press Plunger 

French press coffee maker how to use
French press coffee maker how to use

French press coffee maker how to use Now the main section of french press coffee is Pressing the coffee grinds with french press plunger, Now let boil the coffee for 5 minutes.

Then place the french press on a flat surface slowly don’t do it quickly otherwise the coffee will pour over the french press after that press the plunger slowly to the bottom to completely smash the coffee beans. 

Pressing the coffee grinds to the bottom of the container you get fresh coffee in the top chamber. Now the freshly brewed coffee is ready to serve.

How French Press Coffee Taste: French press coffee tastes so much better and affordable like pour over coffee both are easy in brewing coffee.

Like others all other coffee makers, the french press coffee has developed very much. you can brew coffee anywhere you just need to have hot water.

Conclusion: Every coffee has its own taste in the same way this coffee also has a different type of taste compared to other coffee.

Bodum 1548-01US Brazil French Press Coffee and Tea Maker, 34 Ounce, Black

Bodum 1548-01US Brazil French Press Coffee and Tea Maker, 34 Ounce, Black