How To Make Frappuccino

How To Make Frappuccino at Home

Starbucks frappuccino is the most popular drink. If you want to make at home you don’t have to run out to the coffee shop if you want to enjoy a good, tasty frappuccino. Make frappuccinos at home with the help of a coffee shop owner

You don’t need a special tool to make frappuccino at home. Make frappuccinos in a regular blender with the help of the coffee shop owner.

Below you will find the step by step procedure to make a frappuccino at home without going to the coffee shop always.

What we need 

We need different things to make frappuccino at home 

  • Blender This is to mix all the content to prepare the frappuccino
  • Espresso machine: You need an espresso machine to make an espresso shot  
  • Milk: Cold milk to blend in the beverage later
  • Syrups  If you don’t have syrups then you can buy Torani syrups fro here(vanilla, hazelnut, almond, almond Roca, raspberry, Irish crème).


  • 1 tbsp Sugar
  • 1//4 cup Cold Milk
  • 3/4 cup Espresso Coffee
  • 1 tbsp Flavoring Syrup

step by step

Step 1: 

First, you have to Take a blender 

Step 2

pour coffee or a shot of espresso into the blender. Then add1 tbs of sugar.

Step 3

Then start the blender with the right settings and keep it running for 30 seconds, so that sugar can dissolve completely.

Step 4

While running adds cold milk to the mixture, then remaining ingredients like the coffee flavor of your choice if you want to.

Open  the blender and check the beverage if it’s thick you can add more milk and run the blender for a while to get it smooth

Step 5

Finally, Pour frappuccino into serving glass and top up with cream.