How to Make Flat White at Home

Flat white is originated from Australia in the 1980s. This is an espresso coffee drink with microfoam. It is very close to the latte coffee drink, but is smaller and has a lower microfoam a small difference between flat white and latte. It is high in coffee to milk. This makes the coffee very soft and smooth.

How To make Flat White

Below is the step by step procedure to make flat white at home without going to the coffee shop always.

What Devices Needed

  • Coffee maker
  • Thermometer


  • Steamed milk
  • Brewed Espresso Drink Double Shot
  • Coffee syrup to add flavor

Step By Step

Step 1:Pull Espresso shot

Pull a double shot espresso into a cup or glass.

espresso double shot

Step 2: Steam the Milk

Steam the milk to 55–62 °C. Using a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the milk. 

Step 3: Mixing the Milk

Make the milk velvet and smooth, you can rotate the bowls slightly round to mix the milk properly; this can make the milk smooth and remove any bubbles if it is there.

Step 4:Serving

And finally, pour flat white into the cup and make latte art on it. 

Flat white vs Latte the key Differences

How to Serve 

  • Flat White is served in a cup with a saucer.
  • The milk in the flat White is frothy with foam on the top with 20 mm of thickness on the surface. The key point to the drink is Crema, which stroked into the top perfectly. Because of this, the top of the drink looks thick and smooth, dark brown color on the top of the drink.
  • This enhances the taste of every sip by adding textures and different tide note to the coffee drink

Conclusion: Even though they drink it originated from Australia. The coffee drink spread across the world to all the coffee lovers. The best thing about flat white is you can experience the taste of a barista even if you make this at home.