How to Froth Almond Milk

Frothing milk is an important step in making coffee. When you froth milk generally using normal milk which is 2% fat or even less. But what happens when we use almond milk?

Below is a step by step tutorial about how to froth almond milk without a frother.

Best Almond Milk

almonds are not equal to making milk froth. Use the best almond milk to make good froth.

Almond milk is tough to get froth to work best for, you should steam it with a cooler to give it some more air than usual to get good froth.

If you are using Califia farm almond milk you can follow the guidelines given by them. They work best for most people to steam almond milk.

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If you did not get the best result with  Califia Farms, then you can go with Pacific Foods barista original almond milk that is completely different from regular milk. This can froth the best milk just by using the regular procedures you can create amazing foam.

What we Need

We need some equipment to make the froth

Before frothing

Take the almonds and soak them overnight. Next morning you can mix them with water for every 1 cup of almonds, take 4 cups of water and try it.

Step By Step

This method of almond frothing can be done with a frother and without a frother. Easy to follow step by step instruction below.

  1. Take the almond milk. Choose the best milk to create foam.
  2.  Shake the almond milk a little in a mason jar before pouring into the frother or before frothing.
  3. Heat almond milk: to do so add water to the bottom saucer and place another boiling saucer over it now keep it until it is warm if you prefer to warm milk without frother.
  4.  If you are using a microwave then pour the milk into the microwave container and heat the milk for 30 sec.
  5. When milk is heated, Now begin the frothing.
  6. Take out the foam from the milk, and top it off on the coffee

 later on, You can use the rest of the warm milk for other purposes.


  • Don’t add anything extra to your almond milk, some people try to add powders or any other things please avoid this.
  • If you’re using a wand or frother then make sure there’s no water inside.