How Many Types of Coffee Drinks are There

types of coffee
types of coffee

Here we are listing Types of Coffee Drinks and most popular coffee drinks among all the Drinks.

Coffee is my favorite drink and most of the peoples favorite and most common morning drink in the world.

After waking up the first thing we do is drinking cup of coffee to starts the day and all over the day without coffee, there is nothing in the world for coffee lovers.

Different people love different coffee and taste according to their interest. According to the survey,

the top 5 most consumed coffees are espresso, latte, americano, cappuccino, mocha and with an average cup size of 9 oz. At an average consumption 3 cups per day, each cup contains 250 ml

Different Type of Coffee Drinks



Cappuccino is an espresso drink word espresso originated from Italy. it is a widely used coffe drink in Europe, America, and Australia.

cappuccino is prepared with hot milk a shots, often prepared with an espresso machine. Its originally prepared with foam (milk foam). cappuccino has different variations like cinnamon and chocolate flavors.

Cappuccino is named for steamy milk foam that appears above the coffee, which is a traditional cappuccino with a thick velvet texture.

If you are looking for variation, you can add another shot this could create a different variation in normal it would be  cm thick milk foam on coffee after adding the double shot this could be called a double cappuccino

How to make Cappuccino at Home



latte is another Italian coffee drink made with espresso,This is also made with steamed milk.latte is also called caffe latte after reaching into the English countries it changed to single word latte.

latte has another variation, which is made with ice though it is named as ice latte.

What is Ice latte Coffee and Howto make



It’s an Italian coffee the name “ESPRESSO” came from Italian origin. Espresso is brewed under small amount of boiling water with fine grounded beans by pressurizing them.

Espresso is thicker than normal coffee and low in caffeine than drip coffee but thicker than other coffee its know as “CREMA” this adds rich flavor and aroma to coffee

The process of pressurizing the grounded beans is called “SHOTS” these shots are two types single shot and double shot espresso

espresso is served in shots each shot its size is 1 ounce this is “single shot” and if you want strong espresso you can make “DOUBLE SHOTS” which is more popular than single shot espresso’



In spite of prepared Americano with espresso, it does n”t taste like espresso because of diluting it with hot water.

It’s not exactly same like espresso but tasting like brewed coffee without losing the strength of the regular coffee

While preparing espresso crema is formed this is formed by pressurizing the ground beans with hot water in coffee grinder this adds a new taste in americano and it tastes different than brewed coffee.

While espresso is thicker than brewed coffee, Americano is not in the same way but if taste smoother and rich and softer than espresso because of adding water to it.

Americano versatile to brewed coffee without losing the strength.



Mocha or cafe mocha both are same, This is also an espresso drink instead of adding hot water like americano add chocolate flavors with hot milker and sweeteners.

These flavors are typically in the form of powders like cocoa and sugar in many varieties. some may like dark color or chocolate

Mocha is the most basic method, the difference is adding a chocolate espresso to shot add ed like to cappuccino.

Instead of severed with hot chocolate flavor in common, we can use whipped cream.

You can be topped with cinnamon and cocoa or other for decoration and flavors.



Lungo is an Italian based espresso drink, the word lungo means “long” the time needed to pull the shot of espresso takes time. when compared to the other espresso drinks.

To make a lungo you need doppio or double shot espresso, this increases the water quantity for every espresso shots and size.

Normally, espresso shot pulls the 30 ml of water in 30 seconds of time, but in lungo, it takes extra water and more time of 1 minute than traditional espresso

As far as the taste, pulling a double shot in lungo the taste is somewhat soft and restrained compared to espresso.



Macchiato or Coffee Macchiato is an Italian based espresso drink.

Macchiato means spotted or stained in Italy. A small quantity of milk is foamed (coffee with a spot of milk)

This is prepared just like normal espresso by pulling an espresso shot. Then add 2 tablespoons of steamed milk and foam on the top.

It is not easy to recognize the pulling of the shot in espresso.

 Flat White

flat white

Flat white is an espresso-based drink which contains steamed milk this is made with a small quantity of steamed milk and layer of foam which is not thick still you get the strong feeling of coffee taste.

But this not a great option for people who love beverages compare to other espresso drinks.

Flat white is stronger than latte and more stronger concentrated drink with more coffee than milk.

Flat white is the combination of flavor and strength of espresso with rich in taste of coffee drinks. If you are looking for less milk with more coffee drink it is good option than a latte


Breve or Cafe Breve is an American coffee drink belongs to latte family we can say it is an American variation latte.


It an espresso with milk and steamed half and half mixture of milk or cream  and milk(1 portion od milk,1 portion of steamed half and mixture)

Types of Coffee Chart and Psychology
types of coffee chart

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