Flat white vs Latte: What’s The Difference

Flat White vs Latte

Flat white vs latte is always a tough comparison because of the similarities they have. Flat white and lattes belong to the espresso drinks even though they come under the espresso they are distinct to each other if we dig into deep.

Today coffee has a huge market around the world according to the needs of the people coffee drink also taken a new shape in the form of espresso. These espresso drinks are one of the best coffee types on the market available today.

we have a number of ways to make the best coffee by combining the multiple coffee drinks into one even though people who are not coffee lovers or seasoned coffee drinks are also experienced the coffee taste at some point in life some people may experience drinking drink an espresso coffee.

It’s not uncommon, because the situations people face in their life may push them to drink coffee. The huge demand in different cultures and taste keeping this in mind coffee has re-modeled into new coffee beverages. The new flavors of coffee haven’t stooped coming into the market it never stops also till the coffee lasts. 

What is Flat White

According to history, flat white originated in either Australia or New Zealand. It is a double shot of espresso topped up with milk.

In most cafes and coffee shops, Flat whites are served in two ways with very little foam or with very little foam. 

The foam is rarely dry and is usually velvety with a few bubbles of foam a small lot with little milk.  you use a double shot of espresso.

Flat white is a suitable coffee drink for those who prefer to drink strong espresso coffee. The flat white is prepared with high concentrated espresso coffee that dominates the milk flavors and tastes like a strong coffee.

The flat white is a mix of steam milk and foam. For espresso drinkers who want to drink strong espresso coffee, flat whit can be a good choice and strongly recommended.

What is latte

The latte or cafe latte is just a coffee with milk. Latte is made with a single or double shot of espresso The main ingredients used in latte are steamed milk and coffee drink with  (1:2 ratio of coffee and steam milk). In the end, the latte is topped with froth milk.

The  Key Differences


Why we are comparing these two drinks because both the coffees are made with milk and milk is the primary ingredient the primary difference in both coffee drinks are whole milk and the skimmed milk.

Milk is the primary ingredients used in both the drinks

 The traditional way to make flat white is by using whole milk. This the way everybody does it.

On the other hand, Latte, by comparison, is usually made with skimmed milk

 Flat white is made with whole milk this type of milk found in every store. The percentage of reduced-fat contained in this milk is 2% and low fat is 1 %. 

Whole milk contains fat because it directly comes from cow before processing with a fat content of 3 to 4 %. Those who are in a diet or looking to cut down some calories can go with reduced-fat milk or low-fat milk these two have less fat.

Another way you can go for fat-free milk, which contains less than 0.25% of fat in milk. Often people think that reduced fat can cut the required essential nutrients, but this is wrong even though the milk is nonfat or fat-free all the required 9 nutrients are available but less fat. 

The main difference in Latte is, made with skimmed milk rather than using whole milk in it.  If you want a substitute for whole milk you can go for skimmed milk. The main advantage of skimmed milk is Its non-fat milk by using this you can cut down the calories. 

The calorie content in this milk is 80 calories per 8 ounces/glass. Skimmed milk contains a low extent of calories without losing the essential nutrients, the reason for the low calories is that the skimmed milk contains water to reduce the fate content.

Calories and Carbs

Is flat whit healthy? There is no doubt that the flat white is healthy coffee to drink. Much the same as regular coffee and espresso drinks this also has some amazing benefits by consuming.

whatever the benefits you will get just drinking regular coffee you will get the same benefits. When you drink flat white coffee.

According to the Starbucks nutrition facts 

Every 16 oz serving size of flat white has 170 gm of cal within this, calorie obtained from fat is 80 gm and total carbohydrates are 18gm that is 7% of the total nutrition available in flat white.

Whereas a latte, the available fat content is 7gm and calories are 190gm(calories obtained from fat  100gm). On the other side carbohydrates, are 18gm.

Sugar content is just  1 gm of difference, in flat white sugar quantity is 18 gm and 17 gm in latte

There is much no difference in terms of carbs in both drinks, but calories are a little bit high in flat white compare to the latte.


The flat white taste like strong coffee, because of more concentrated coffee than milk. Where as latte it milk-based drink and more milk involved and fewer espresso shots than flat white.


Flat White is available in various sizes including small to large size. Generally, it has two shots of espresso but in venti (20 oz size) flat white it takes 4 espresso shots. Whereas in latte it takes 2 espresso shots to pull this size.

Size Shots of Espresso Flat White Shots of Espresso Latte
Short (8 oz) 21
Tall (12 oz) 21
Grande (16 oz) 32
Venti (20 oz) 42


The caffeine content in flat white varies from cafe to cafe it’s all depends on the quantity and quality of the coffee. The caffeine content in flat white is more than a latte.

According to the Starbucks nutrition facts  Both the drinks are espresso-based and the number of espresso shots is more than latte even in small size this is the reason for the higher caffeine level.


Normally, the flat white is stronger,  the reason for this is it contains more milk and less froth than a latte and the milk used in flat white doesn’t dilute in foam. This results in stronger coffee in small sizes.

Final Thought: Bother the drinks are made with espresso and milk, so we can’t assume what people love. What I would suggest to everybody is to try both the drinks before coming to a decision about which drink you can continue.