Espresso Drinks:Lungo

Lungo belongs to the espresso family the name of this coffee is very well known for coffee lovers. Lungo coffee is must try espresso drinks on the coffee menu.


This coffee drink has its own place in the coffee menu.people who visit coffee shops or Starbucks often find lungo on the menu. There is no short of lungo drinks around the world, because of its taste and quality.

What You Will Learn

  • Duration
  • Ingredients
  • how to make lungo
  • lungo vs coffee
  • lungo vs Americano

What is a Lungo

The name Luno means “Long” in Italian pronunciation. This is an espresso drink made with an espresso machine moreover it’s an Italian coffee. 

A short black ie single or double shot wit more water (double the water )than espresso is used to make a lungo coffee.


  • Prep: 5 min
  • Brewing: 1 min
  • Pouring: 1 min
  • Total Time: 8 min


  • Coffee beans
  • 2 shots of Espresso shots
  • Sugar

How to Make Perfect Lungo

There is no rocket science in making this drink.lungo can be made with espresso machine only. so what we need is 

  • Grinder 
  • Espresso machine
  • Coffee Beans
Grind Coffee beans


Grinding your coffee beans

add coffee to coffee maker


Add two shots of coffee to your coffee machine. Press the beans forcibly around 30 lbs. Ensure that the pressure is at the correct level, so the water can pour equally.


Adjust the extraction button on the espresso machine to prolong the extraction to 35 seconds more.

Step4: Pull a double shot espresso and pour it into your cup. This should take 1 min to fully pour. If you don’t have a cup that fits for Nespresso lungo at your home you can buy here

Step5: Add sugar to your coffee if you like and stir it.

Making Lungo Coffee with Milk

Most of the people ask that Can you add milk to Lungo coffee means we can say yes. If you desire to add milk in the lungo. Below is the making process of lungo with milk

Step1: At first, you need to make the espresso coffee around 30 ml in your espresso machine.

Step2: Next, is to pour it into the cup

Step3: Finally, pour the milk (10ml )at top of the coffee 

Lungo vs Coffee

Lungo belongs to the espresso family whereas coffee is naturally brewed one. There is some distinct point in between these two.
Lungo is a double shot of espresso and more water which results in a larger coffee and shorter than regular coffee.
Like lungo, Grand lungo is also shorter than the coffee. It is available in the size of 150 ml each with 230 ml coffee pod sizes. Whereas the size of the regular coffee is 237ml and bigger than lungo.

Lungo vs Espresso 

While differentiating the lungo with other drinks we have to compare some common aspects of both the drinks.


Lungo has a more bitter taste than a regular espresso because the shot takes longer to pull and the longer time affects the extraction of the grounds. 


The quantity is different in both the drinks. Lungo is made with more water means double the water used in the espresso. For example, if you use 30ml water used in espresso we double the amount of water and take a long shot of l time taken to pull the shot. 


Lungo will have more caffeine than espresso, but only a small amount. On the other hand, espresso contains a little bit less when you pull a single shot. The caffeine level depends on how long you pull the shot if you pull the shot long it contains more caffeine level.

Lungo vs Americano


An americano is not similar in taste like lungo or espresso even though its created with espresso. Lungo is bitter in taste because of brewing a long time more than espresso and whare as americano is taste is richer and stronger similar taste like black coffee.


The quantity of lungo is double the shots of espresso whereas americano the quantity is also 1:2 ratio of espresso and water(30-50ml espresso to 60-100ml water )


The caffeine content in lungo is not much more than espresso even though it is brewed with more eater and double shot espresso other the other side the caffeine level in americano is more than espresso and lungo(double the amount of caffeine in lungo).

Final Thought: Trying lungo coffee is a good choice whether you like it or not it’s a different point. Once you try and like the coffee you can make other beverages like latte and cappuccino.