Coffee Shop: When Did it Start History

Coffee Shop or Coffee House we visit every day, even multiple times a day with friends, family or even when we go to the coffee shops single. This is the most favorite place for coffee lovers.


coffee shops or coffee houses When you want to exchange news, share ideas and get advice, you go to a coffee shop. This has been so for some time. Coffee shops are places to learn; Doing business deals; Scientific, literary, political, philosophical and economic debates; And even regular gossip.

In the early stages of its history, coffee houses were already popular, and the ideas that originated there have since been a source of political forums and debate. The inspiration for the brilliant idea was that at times, kings and nobles used it as a method of deciding public opinion.

When coffee was introduced to Europe in the 17th century, the popularity of cafes was similar to that of most coffee houses around the world. It has become a platform for people to gather, exchange opinions, write poems, dramas and political terms, conduct business transactions, engage in cultural exchange and relax with a good book. In previous days, there were no postal addresses, and the popularity of the coffee shop also served as a mailing address because most people were regular.

A common coffeehouse shares a common characteristic with a bar or restaurant. Coffeehouse focuses on serving coffee, teas, and snacks. However, in some countries, coffeehouse bakery products offer a hot meal, desserts, sandwiches, soups, and alcohol.

Today, coffeehouses continue the tradition established by coffeehouses in the past. They still remain a very popular venue for people who want a peaceful and tranquil environment where they can talk, read, learn about the day’s event, meet with people and have excellent quality coffee. Famous coffeehouses with franchises around the world, such as Starbucks, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Peets, Cup Ointment Joe, The Second Cup, and Coffee Bean, prove this wish.

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United States

Depending on the country and region, coffeehouses have adopted variations. In the United States, coffeehouses or cafes offer a variety of coffee styles, hot chocolate, and teas, as well as light snacks, while others offer a full menu. Alcoholic beverages may also be served.


The cafe experience in Europe has led to other variations of coffeehouses around the world. These coffeeshop offers sidewalk-side seating and other outdoor seating such as sidewalk, pavement or terraces. This seating is usually crowded on busy streets and operated by private local organizations that closely resemble parties, especially on weekends.


Cafes in France almost always serve alcoholic beverages. Like most cafes anywhere in the world, they serve mild snacks. Other coffeehouses may include a restaurant area where guests are served with full menus. The popularity of cafes in France, especially in Paris, has led to subtle coffeehouse variations such as the single-dish meal commonly served brasserie and bistro.

These patio coffeehouses provide public spaces that are usually preferred by customers who want an airy and very casual atmosphere for leisure and conversation.

New Types of Coffee Shops

Recently, a new type of coffeehouse has entered the industry: the Internet Cafe. Internet cafes may not look like your typical coffee houses like bistro, brasserie, cafeteria and coffee chain establishments, but they certainly share the same basic features. Coffee, tea, and chocolate are served with light snacks and snacks. Chatting is done online though.

While it may or may not replace traditional coffee shops, internet cafes are central to political exchange, learning, journalistic, literary and commercial enterprises. The styles of coffee shops have only changed over the centuries, but as to why people take them so often, nothing has really changed.