Best Immersion Blender

Best Immersion Blenders 2021

A blender is a required household item. Whipping cream, making smoothies, food processing, and crushing ice are some of the things we can do.

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The type of blender you select is typically decided by the tasks you intend to do with it. For a high price, some blenders offer a lot of features. Make sure that some of these features might not be needed.

Below is a list of the best immersion blenders handheld for buyers who are looking to purchase these units.

1) Muller Austria blender

Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Watt 9-Speed Immersion...
37,469 Reviews
Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Watt 9-Speed Immersion...
  • Sophisticated Design - The ergonomic grip offers a non-slip...
  • Exceptional Quality - The full copper motor withstands...
  • Versatility - The removable blending arm with fixed blade...
  • European Engineered – American Guarantee - 1 Year Warranty...

The muller Austria blender can be used not only for coffee, but it can be used to mix various drinks such as whipped cream, milkshakes, and other homemade drinks

Design is an important element in any immersion blender, this device is made with advanced technology to get an ergonomic grip on the blender while mixing the drinks.

The blender comes with two types of whisks, one is for egg whites which are only used for egg mixes and the other is milk further for coffee.

The company never compromised in terms of quality, this blender is built with a copper motor to work long hours and more durable than the other blender motors This is a good choice for many, and it is a bit larger and has more capacity if we compare with others.

if you find any technical issues during this time. The company promises a 1-year warranty. You can replace the device.


  • You will get Multiple whisks 
  • Removable blades 
  • Easy to clean, put under the tap or rinse it 
  • This is a compact blender that fits in any space 
  • Very quickly it can blend anything in under 3 sec.
  • With 2 speed options, you can change up to 8 different speeds.

2) Immersion Hand Blender Utalent

Immersion Hand Blender, UTALENT 3-in-1 8-Speed Stick...
3,280 Reviews
Immersion Hand Blender, UTALENT 3-in-1 8-Speed Stick...
  • EASY TO CLEAN & SAFE. Detachable attachments are easier to...
  • MILK FROTHER ATTACHMENT: Portable hand-held milk frother...
  • MORE POWERFUL. 250 Watt powerful hand blender with 8 - speed...
  • HIGH-EFFICIENCY BLENDER. Thick stainless steel mixing wand...

The blender is multi-purpose, which means you can blend milk froth and egg whites. The box contains a frother and a blender. Unlike traditional milk frother, you can attach the frother to the blender directly or you can attach the blender for egg whites and other drinks.

Cleaning the blender is not complicated. Just detach the blender and rinse it or use the dishwasher even if you can put the blender whisk in hot water and start to clean the whisk easily.

The hand blender has a 250 watt powerful motor with 2-speed options and 8-speed variations including turbo mode for different drinks, milkshakes, coffee, baby food, and more. 

When we speak about the efficiency of the blender, it comes with 4 stainless steel mixing wands and blades. These can make the drink smooth and efficient.

The company has assured us of a 2-year warrant for blender and 3 attachments, milk frother, whisks 


  • Easy to clean
  • Speed option ad variable up to 8
  • Ergonomic design for perfect handling
  • Various types of mixes
  • Compact design that can fit in a small space
  • Very fast blend any drink under 10 sec 
  • Stainless steel wand for long durability
  • Low noise while bleeding the drinks

3) Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender 

Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender Patented...
3,433 Reviews
Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender Patented...
  • Power bell technology: Durable stainless steel blades and...
  • Easy click ensures all attachments can be removed with one...
  • Turbo boost for added power
  • Soft grip handle for comfortable use and 20 ounce beaker and...

The compact blender can fit anywhere in the kitchen without taking much space and the ergonomic design for a perfect grip on the blender.

The main specialty of the blender is speed, this is made for quick blending only according to the sources. The multiquick hand blender has an inbuilt Powershell technology that blends any drink very quickly.

A 350-watt powerful motor can lend under 10 seconds. This is a perfect blender for people who are busy and have less time to do these types of things.

The other best feature of the blender is that you can chop and puree your food and veggies within the pot 

The multiple attachment design in this machine can give access to multiple operations. Whatever you want to do with the blender beat, whisk, froth you can do it.

The One-Click feature gives easy access to attachments and the removal of multiple attachments according to your needs.


  • Smart speed control and variation
  • 350-watt power motor for high powder blending
  • Anti-splash shaft 
  • Strong stainless steel blades are used in this blender
  • You can use Multiple attachments 
  • It is built with a one-click easy accessory system 
  • Long life and durability

4) Bonsen kitchen 4 in 1 Blender

Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender Patented...
3,433 Reviews
Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender Patented...
  • Power bell technology: Durable stainless steel blades and...
  • Easy click ensures all attachments can be removed with one...
  • Turbo boost for added power
  • Soft grip handle for comfortable use and 20 ounce beaker and...

Bonsen kitchen is a 4 in 1 hand blender, which can do a variety of mixes as per your needs. The powerful full-hand blender can whip, grind or even mash the food. This can do 90% of the task for cooking.

The hand blender comes with three kinds of attachments, you can change them easily by placing the lock and unlock direction on the blender. The is clearly shown on the blender for new users who bought this blender. They can follow the guide for instructions on locking and unlocking the attachments.

The difference between this blender and the other is the power level adjustments. This unit has a power button at the top to change the power level, you have to use both hands one for the hold blender and the other for the power level adjustments.

The unique triangular shape feature of the measuring cup provides easy grip and creates a vortex that pulls the materials down to the bottom of the measuring cup, then for bar cage blending, proper blending, whisking, and mixing.


  • Ergonomic blender design gives you the perfect control over the blender.
  • It’s very easy to clean.
  • Soundproof Low noise.
  • Strong and durable because of the stainless steel.
  • The lock and unlock system is very good. 
  • Speed adjustment levels are an advantage over the competitors.
  • Turbo button is one of the best features available for chopping ice. 

5) BELLA Immersion Hand Blender

BELLA Immersion Hand Blender with Whisk Attachment,...
5,967 Reviews
BELLA Immersion Hand Blender with Whisk Attachment,...
  • POWERFUL & VERSATILE: This 2-speed immersion blender...
  • SIMPLE CLEANUP: Perfect for the smaller kitchen, this...
  • EASY RECIPES: Small enough to store in a drawer, this mixer...
  • KITCHEN ESSENTIALS: BELLA offers a full range of...

Bellacompany is a well-known and high-quality brand of key cooking goods. Because of its 6 inch shaft and high power motor, this product can perform a variety of tasks even in tall pots. 

Despite its tall blender shaft, this compact design blender perfectly fits in any kitchen without taking up more space. 

This blender is one of the best blenders for chop, puree, and for making different types of foods and drinks for your daily routine.

This unit is heavier than the other blenders like Cuisinart and KitchenAid, the whisk attachments are very convenient, useful.

This blender is available at a cheap price compared to its competitors. Overall at this price, this is the best hand blender at the moment.

The warranty period for the blender is 1 year. The company can replace it if you find any problem with the device.


  • Ergonomic design for good grip on the device
  • Its Stainless Steel body gives durability and long life to the blender
  • 25 watts High Power motor 
  • The 6-inch long shaft can blend in long pots
  • Blends all types of smoothie and drinks
  • This machine is dishwasher safe
  • Easy whisk attachments with on simple click of a button
  • Dual speed setting 

6) KOIOS 12-Speed Immersion Hand Blender

KOIOS 800-Watt/ 12-Speed Immersion Hand...
8,577 Reviews
KOIOS 800-Watt/ 12-Speed Immersion Hand...
  • 12-SPEED + TURBO / 800-Wattage All-Copper Motor - Variable...
  • FIXED ROTARY CORE DESIGN- Will not fall off due to...
  • ANTI-SPLASH - The stainless blade is partially covered by a...

So choose a blender that will serve your needs and Our regular activities.Below are a few tips on what to consider before buying a blender.

If you are looking for a turbo option in a blender give it a try with a different Attachmate This blender’s turbo mode is incredible and could work like a charm.

Another important aspect we can appreciate in his blender is cleaning, this part is very easy to remove any leftover entries in the blender. 

An 8-inch blender shaft can blend in Tall pot and pitchers. It can be used to make a variety of smoothies, sauces, soups, and other dishes. The removable mixing shaft with fixed blade locks into the motor body for a powerful mix.

The powerful S-shape blades can blend from small food items like onion garlic, chili to complex food items.

When you plug in this blender, the top glows blue. This serves as a reminder that it is plugged in and cautious of you. It’s a good feature to keep in mind when you’re cooking a meal and doing other things.

One Thing you should consider before buying this blender, the company stated that the motor is not dishwasher safe.

Other things to keep in mind while using this blender, don’t press the power button continuously for more than 2 minute.


  • Stainless steel body for durability and long-lasting
  • The company is offering an 11-month warranty
  • Ergonomic design and rubber handle for fine grip.
  • Blend variety of foods and smoothies etc
  • Whip attachment design gives Fast whipping of eggs
  • You will get a 600 ml BPA free mixing breaker
  • You can easily change attachments with one click

7) Chefman Immersion Blender

Chefman Immersion Blender 300-Watt Turbo 12 Speed Stick...
1,270 Reviews
Chefman Immersion Blender 300-Watt Turbo 12 Speed Stick...
  • MULTI-SPEED WITH PRECISE CONTROL: Ergonomic soft silk-touch...
  • HIGH POWER FOR BETTER BLENDING: The Chefman immersion...
  • PROTECT YOUR POT FROM SCRATCHING: Heat resistant plastic...
  • ICE-CRUSHING CROSS BLADE: Specially designed cross blades...

This is the perfect tool for blending a multitude of foods into your daily routine. The unit has specially crafted blades that can seamlessly mix any food.

Some blenders will not combine ice, frozen vegetables, and fruits. However, you will not have this issue with this blender until you are fully submerged in water.

When mixing, the majority of the blades leave scratches on the pots. The blender has a heat-resistant blade that protects the pot from scratches. This is the one benefit of choosing this blender over others.

The Blender has a powerful 300-watt motor that makes blending easier. The blade detaches with a single click, and the dishwasher is safe, making cleanup simple. To clear up any spilled food, just wipe down the black exterior.


  • 12-speed variable options
  • This blender is dishwasher safe with a
  • 1-year warranty on products.
  • To assemble and disassemble means easy one-click attachments.
  • Blend a variety of foods according to your needs.
  • This is a plastic blender.
  • Ergonomic Design for fie grip on the blender while mixing the food

Buying Guide

So choose a blender that will serve your needs and Our regular activities. Below are a few tips on what to consider before buying a blender.


The blenders have different capacities; these may vary from 1 to 3 liters. If you have no problem with space, it may be a good idea to get a bigger one.

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Before buying your primary step is to think about the quantity of food you are blending in one go. If you bled large amounts of food it is advisable not to go to the compact blenders. Even though large blenders take more space.


The blender material and design should be ergonomic and durable. Make sure that the blender will not tumble while blending. To avoid this problem you must go for the stainless steel unit. This is the best material for high durability.

There are no strict rules for the containers to use, you can go for glass or plastic. The plastic containers are light in weight and glass is heavier and Sturdy.


Choose a blender that provides that variety of options, like speed, blending a variety of foods, and more. Some blenders can chop and puree the food, look for this option if you chop this food more frequently.


Look for how many attachments within the pack, however, some blender provides multiple attachments for various operations. You can change the attachment according to the task. Check the attachment connection button keenly, because every blender provides a button for the lock and unlock. 

Unfortunately, this feature does not work properly in some blenders. This issue has been faced by many users before.

There are blenders with a tiny hole on top that gives users access to add small quantities of ingredients when blending.


Blenders work with different powers; they can vary from 250 watts to 1200 watts from small to large blenders.

The blending time depends on how many watts a blend takes and the more it has the more power it blends in less time and more quantity. This completely depends on the cost.


The blender must be washed and packed in a manner that is both easy and secure. Since many people leave their blenders on the table, it’s a smart thing if the blender has string storage areas and lids to protect the cord from getting soaked.

Look for information that companies guarantee blenders are dishwasher safe. This is better when using a dishwasher. These containers are normally open at both the top and bottom for washing.


when you go to the store, double-check the warranty period. If possible, try the blender, as some blenders claim to crush ice, but fail to do. If you don’t have an opportunity to test the blender, read the company return policy, for the machine to return if you find any problem.

Final verdict

Choosing the best immersion blender is not that hard if you know our daily requirements. You can evaluate the features and select a blender, this can reduce the amount of money you invest in a blender.